Welcome to the OASIS Online Portal!

Welcome to the OASIS

  • What is OASIS?

    OASIS is the Occupational Safety and Health Appeals Board's free, online scheduling and information system. OASIS allows employers to appeal citations issued by the Division of Occupational Safety and Health ("Division") of the Department of Industrial Relations ("DIR").

    Anyone may register to use OASIS. Registered OASIS users may locate a particular appeal by searching on an employer’s name, or by Division inspection number. Registered users who are case participants may view, submit or download documents in, and may obtain case scheduling information about the appeals in which they are a participant. Registered OASIS users who are not appeal case participants may view only the time and location of an appeal hearing.

    The Occupational Safety and Health Appeals Board ("OSHAB") has designated the electronic appeal case file maintained in OASIS as the official record of all appeals of Division citations.

  • Information and Services Available to Registered OASIS Users

    All registered users have access to the same information in OASIS about the case in which they are a participant: the original Division citation or citations; documents filed by the Division or a participant in an appeal; appeal case scheduling; and OSHAB's decision of a citation appeal. Documents uploaded into OASIS by appeal case participants will appear online within two (2) business days of submission. Only OSHAB, the Division and appeal case participants who are registered users may upload information into OASIS. Appeal case participant documents mailed to OSHAB will be scanned into OASIS as quickly as possible; the expected receipt-to-upload time for mailed documents is three (3) business days.

  • Use of OASIS Documents

    Each appeal case stored in OASIS contains documents filed by appeal case participants as well as documents and information issued by OSHAB. Copyright and other proprietary rights may apply to those documents created by appeal case parties and filed in an appeal case. Such documents may be used only as permitted by law. Division citations and OSHAB's decisions of appeals are public records in the public domain.

    Any person who willfully destroys, or alters any court record maintained in electronic form is subject to the penalties imposed by Government Code, section 6201.

  • Acceptable Media Formats

    Acceptable media formats: MWV, ASF, AVI, MPEG, AVC, HEVC, RV, RM, MOV, MKV, DVB, BD, DVR-MS. File upload max is 2gb. Upload speed will vary depending on network providers.

  • Help With OASIS

    If you need technical assistance, or if you have questions about using OASIS to appeal a citation, please call (916) 274-5751 or 1+(877)252-1987.

  • Privacy Policy

    Please see DIR’s Data Collection and Use Statement to learn how DIR uses the information it collects, and maintains to carry out its mandates: http://www.dir.ca.gov/od_pub/privacy.html.

    As noted above, Division citations and OSHAB's decisions of appeals are public records. In keeping with applicable policies and regulations, however, certain information is redacted before those records are disclosed, including: Social Security numbers, taxpayer identification numbers (FEINs, SEINs), home addresses and home telephone numbers. Also, pursuant to applicable law, OSHAB may seal records that are part of an appeal, and thereby withhold them from public inspection or disclosure.

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